Warehouse RAs 2023-2024

Resident assistants (RAs) work alongside the Heads of House to build community among the first-year residents and to aid in ensuring the smooth functioning of the building as a living environment and student space. For more information about RAs and how to join, see Join the RA Team.

Email the RAs at wh-ras@mit.edu.

President: Cameron Krulewski

Cameron is a PhD student in the Mathematics Department. She is interested in algebraic topology and quantum field theory, especially topological phases of matter. She is from Pennsylvania, did her undergrad at Harvard University, and spent one year at the University of Cambridge in the UK before coming to MIT. Even after living in Boston for several years she is still exploring! Aside from research, she loves practicing archery, running, and going to rock concerts.





Secretary: Will Harris

Will is a PhD student in the MIT-WHOI Joint Program studying computational ocean acoustics. He is from Wichita, KS but grew up all over the US while his dad was in the Navy. Prior to MIT, he did his undergrad at Webb Institute and then worked for three years for the US Navy as a civilian research scientist. Outside of class, he enjoys Brazilian jiu jitsu, attending the ballet, playing video games, and trying out new restaurants around the area.






Welcoming and Wellness Co-Chair: Hae won Lee

Hae Won is a PhD student in the EECS department studying 2D materials and device applications. She is from Seoul, South Korea where she did her undergrad and M.S. Before coming to MIT, Hae Won worked in Samsung Electronics and is happy to be back in the campus. She loves classical music, especially piano pieces so she might be seen frequently in the BSO Symphony Hall or NEC Jordan Hall. She also enjoys cooking, swimming, climbing and travelling. 




Welcoming and Wellness Co-Chair: Gabrielle Godbille-Cardona

Gabrielle is a PhD student in Chemical Engineering working on the development of bio-based biodegradable and recyclable plastics. She is from Kingston, Canada, where she completed her undergraduate degree in chemical engineering at Queen’s University. Prior to coming to MIT she also completed a Master’s in Chemical Engineering at McGill University in Montréal. Outside of her studies, she enjoys hiking, playing recreational volleyball, baking, and crochet.





Treasurer: Simar Kaur Mattewal

Simar is a PhD student in the Department of Chemical Engineering working on carbon based membranes for separations. She is originally from India and loves to go for long walks, specially along the river, with her camera ready to capture all colors of nature. She also enjoys exploring new brunch places and taking guided tours of historical sites and on quieter days enjoying the company of a book.






Building RA: Gyutae (Jack) Park

Gyutae is a Master's Degree student in the Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering, where he studies nuclear thermal propulsion. Gyutae is from Korea, where he recently finished his military service. In his free time, Gyutae enjoys travelling, discovering new restaurants and gaming.







Building RA: Lorenzo Pinton

Lorenzo is a PhD student in Linguistics and his main academic interest is formal semantics, the intersection between the study of meaning in natural language and formal logic. Before coming to the US, he got a M.Sc. in Logic at the University of Amsterdam, and even before that he studied Philosophy in Venice, Italy, close to his hometown. Things he loves include music, hiking, and (wasting too much time in) chess!





Lori and Steven Lerman Arts Co-Chair*: Ghida Anouti

Ghida Anouti is a SMArchS student in the Department of Architecture. She is interested in the production, reception, and consumption of audiovisual media in post-colonial Lebanon, with a particular focus on acoustic ecologies and films as archives of war. Before MIT, she received her Bachelor of Architecture from the American University of Beirut. Some of her favorite activities include running by the Charles, visiting art galleries, watching films, listening to music, and napping.





Lori and Steven Lerman Arts Co-Chair*: Alexander Kuptel

Alexander is a PhD student in the System Dynamics group at the Sloan School of Management, where he studies electrification and growth of green energy, especially in developing countries. From La Grange Park, IL, he received a BA in Economics and Philosophy from Notre Dame before coming to MIT. In his free time, he enjoys trivia, music, reading, and Google Maps.







*This RA position was created to honor the contributions and legacy of founding Warehouse Housemasters Lori and Steven Lerman who lived at the Warehouse from 2000 to 2010. One of Lori's many contributions to the Warehouse community was a music program to which she dedicated her talents and resources. Lori and Steve now live in Monterey, California, where Steve is Provost and Academic Dean at the Naval Postgraduate School.

Webmaster and Technology Officer: Changhwan Oh

Changhwan is a PhD student in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, particularly interested in computational simulations of materials. He grew up in South Korea and received his BS from Seoul National University. There is a high chance of finding him in the Colbert room playing the piano in his free time. He also enjoys listening to music and playing badminton in his free time.





Kindness and Outreach RA: Gabriel Afriat

Gabriel is a PhD student in the Operations Research Center. Before embarking on this long adventure, he did an MBAn at MIT. Gabriel is from France and loves bread and croissants. Outside of class, Gabriel likes to bake his own bread, work out, and he can also do (sometimes) impressive magic tricks.





Community Chair: Sanghee Lee

Sanghee is a PhD student in Computational Science and Engineering (MechE). She is interested in finite element methods, scientific computing, and machine learning. Before coming to the US, she studied Mathematics for her undergrad and Computational Science and Engineering for her master's in South Korea. In her free time, Sanghee enjoys engaging in various activities such as tennis, running, skiing, and rock climbing. She is eager to explore new sports and experiences, including air pistol shooting, sailing, archery, and more, while in Boston.




Sports RA : Brad Roberts

Brad is a PhD student in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. Hailing from Edmonton in Alberta, Canada, he received BSc and MSc degrees from the University of Alberta before coming to the United States and MIT. In his free time, he enjoys working out, playing sports, taking long walks, and wondering about the origin of the Universe.