General policies


The Warehouse is a smoke-free environment. There is absolutely no smoking allowed in any part of the building, including individual apartments, or on the roof deck. Failure to comply with this regulation WILL RESULT IN AN AUTOMATIC $250 FINE and may result in the immediate cancellation of a resident's license agreement. Also, please be considerate of your neighbors and refrain from smoking under open windows or directly in front of entrances and exits.


Residents are NOT allowed to have pets of any kind in the building. 

Trash Removal

If you would like your trash taken out during the weekday, you can simply leave your trash outside your door before 7:30 am and it will be picked up first thing in the morning and taken out for you. The dorm does not offer trash removal on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) and holidays.

Residents are not allowed to place the trash outside their door or inside the large trash bins in the corridors on weekends or holidays. If you have trash that cannot wait for pick up or has accumulated over the weekend or holidays when there is no pick up, please walk it outside to the dumpster located at the rear of the building. Failure to comply this policy will result in an automatic $50 fine.

Roof deck

The roof deck is available to all residents on a first-come, first-served basis, except during the winter. Alcohol may not be served on the roof deck. All roof deck events must end by 10 PM on week nights and by 11 PM Friday or Saturday. There is no smoking and again, no alcohol, allowed on the roof deck.