Event Hosting and Room Reservation Policy


Regulations for Hosting Events:

For a resident hosting an event, the following regulations exist for all spaces:

  1. Residents are required to register all events at which alcohol is to be served in any common area (i.e. any space in the building except your room), regardless of the number of people attending or the type of event. For more information on how to register to serve alcohol, please see the alcohol policy.

  2. The resident hosting the event must be present at all times and is responsible for any damage caused by his or her guests.

  3. All events must end by the start of quiet hours, unless express permission has been given to hosts of small events to extend an event into these hours. In this case, noise must be kept to a minimum or the host will be asked to end the event early.

  4. The resident hosting the event is responsible for making sure that:
    • all furniture is returned to its original position
    • all food, drinks, bottles, and containers in garbage and recycling bins are properly disposed.  
    • if your event is on a Friday or Saturday, you must empty the garbage bins by taking all garbage bags to the dumpster at the back of the building.
    • all tables are cleaned  (you may ask the front desk worker for a kit for this purpose).
    • all food debris or garbage is picked up from the floor (you may ask the front desk worker for a vacuum if needed).
    • NOTE: Failure to properly clean the room will be reported to the House Manager and Heads of House and may result in loss of room reservation privileges.
  5. Violation of any room event regulations or any other MIT or dorm policies may result in the loss of reservation privileges.

  6. Registrations are allowed at any time of year EXCEPT between the last day of classes and the last day of finals, each semester.

In addition, the following additional regulations exist for specific spaces:

  • Colbert Room: 50 people maximum. Can be reserved by residents (see reservation process below).  Hosts and guests are prohibited from using or meddling with the sound system equipment in the Colbert Room. 

  • Study Room (Room 046): 20 people maximum. Can be reserved by residents (see reservation process below).

  • TV Room: 15 people maximum. Can be reserved by residents (see reservation process below).

  • 2nd and 3rd Floor Lounges: 9 people maximum in a lounge.  Available on a first-come, first-served basis (cannot be reserved by residents).

  • Roof Deck: 50 people maximum. Available on a first-come, first-served basis (cannot be reserved by residents).  All roof deck events must end by 10:00 on week nights and 11:00 on weekends.  Alcohol is not allowed on the roof deck under any circumstances.

Room Reservation Process:

  1. To reserve a room, please fill out the room reservation form online, at least 48 hours before the event. All submitted reservation forms are sent to the Building RAs. In most cases, the reservation will be added to the dorm calendar in 48 hours or less. If the reservation request is denied or if more information is required, the resident will be contacted by email. You do not have a reservation until it has been listed on the calendar.

  2. Reservations are limited to 4 hours. To allow sufficient access to the Colbert Room by residents, only one reservation will be allowed in the Colbert Room per weekday or during any weekend period. (Friday through Sunday). Residents reserving the 2nd and 3rd floor lounges must leave a guest list at the front desk since access to these rooms require admittance to the areas leading to private apartments in the Warehouse.

  3. Reservations are allowed at any time of year EXCEPT between the last day of classes and the last day of finals, each semester.

  4. The ground floor kitchen may be reserved by itself or in combination with another room, either during the same hours, or for an additional 2 hours prior to the start of the event. Kitchen equipment, such as pots and pans, utensils, a blender, and a mixer, are available in the kitchen for residents' use. However, kitchen equipment may not be removed from the kitchen at any time, except to serve food in the Colbert Room or TV Room, and must be returned immediately following the event. Kitchen equipment may not be taken to the roof deck, except by members of the house government for use at dorm events. At no time may kitchen equipment be taken to a resident's apartment. You must have a reservation in order to use the kitchen, so please plan accordingly.

  5. Events must end at the time indicated on the reservation form. Extension of a reservation will not be allowed after an event has begun. Residents may not extend the length of a reservation by making two consecutive reservations for the same group.

  6. All room reservations are at the discretion of the house manager, heads of house and Warehouse government, who may restrict or deny reservations for reasons that they believe to be in the best interest of the Warehouse.

Room reservation calendar