General policies


The Warehouse is a smoke-free environment. There is absolutely no smoking allowed in any part of the building, including individual apartments, or on the roof deck. Failure to comply with this regulation WILL RESULT IN AN AUTOMATIC $250 FINE and may result in the immediate cancellation of a resident's license agreement. Also, please be considerate of your neighbors and refrain from smoking under open windows or directly in front of entrances and exits.

Quiet Hours

Please refrain from making noise during the hours of 10:00 PM to 8:00 AM on weekdays (Sunday evening through Friday morning) and 1:00 AM through 9:00 AM on weekends. In addition, please be aware that sound carries easily from room to room, and respect your neighbors' needs even outside of quiet hours. 

Trash Removal

If you would like your trash taken out during the weekday, you can simply leave your trash outside your door before 7:30 am and it will be picked up first thing in the morning and taken out for you. The dorm does not offer trash removal on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) and holidays.

Residents are not allowed to place the trash outside their door or inside the large trash bins in the corridors over the weekend. If you have trash that has missed morning pick up, that smells and cannot wait for pick up or has accumulated over the weekend when there is no pick up, please walk it outside to the dumpster located at the rear of the building. Failure to comply this policy will result in an automatic $50 fine.

Room Reservations and Alcohol Registration

If you would like to reserve one of the common rooms, or are planning to register an event at which alcohol will be served, please refer to the room reservation policies and alcohol policies. Residents may reserve rooms and register to serve alcohol.

Roof deck

The roof deck is available to all residents on a first-come, first-served basis, except during the winter. Alcohol may not be served on the roof deck. All roof deck events must end by 10 PM on week nights and by 11 PM Friday or Saturday. There is no smoking and again, no alcohol, allowed on the roof deck.

Visitors and Overnight Guests

For information on Warehouse policies regarding visitors and guests, please see the policies for visitors and overnight guests.

Front Desk and Printing

Residents may borrow items from the front desk. Most items are free, with the exception of rollaway beds, which cost $2 per day. There is a fee for late return of front desk items. Please note that items cannot be returned between 11:30 PM and 7:30 AM.

The Warehouse printer located near the front desk is for the use of Warehouse residents only. Please do not allow guests to use this printer. The printer is externally managed by MIT Information Services & Technology. Please visit their website for more details.

Lost Room Keys and Lock Outs

Residents who lock their key in their room may check out a replacement key at the front desk. This key may only be given to the resident of the room for which the key is requested, and it must be returned immediately. For keys returned late, the resident will be charged a fee of $25 per day, to a maximum of $50. (Keys not returned within one week will be assumed to be lost, and the lock will be changed.)

If you are locked out of your room and no spare key is available or there is nobody at the front desk, please call 617-253-1500 and ask for Housing Unit 12.

Bike room

Residents may store their bikes in the bike room in the northwest corner of the Warehouse, which may be accessed either from the alley on the west side of the building or through the lobby. Residents must use their MIT ID card to enter the room. Bikes may not be stored in hallways.