Updates and Important Policy Changes in Response to Covid-19 (Updated 6/30/20)

As part of MIT's response to Covid-19 (coronavirus) and in an effort to promote public health and safety of the entire residential community, some Warehouse policies will be changing for the foreseeable future. Residents will receive e-mail notification of these changes as they occur, and a log of the updates will be posted here as well as in our policies section (updated policies appear at the top of the page, with the original policies appearing below). Please do not hesitate to reach out to the Heads of HouseResidents Assistants, or Building Manager Brian Ward if you have any questions, concerns, or are in need of support. The front desk can be reached by phone at 617-253-6588. 

For the most up to date information from Housing and Residential Services (HRS) to graduate students we recommend you review this website for what graduate students living in on-campus housing need to know.  Many common questions we have heard are addressed therein. Also, residents who are interested in a) returning to the Warehouse for the sole purpose of collecting their belongings OR b) returning to live in the Warehouse once again or c) are planning to move into the Warehouse for the first time should review the procedures outlined here.

The most up todate information on MIT's response to the situation can be found here.


  • Roof Deck Reopening: The roof deck is now open for residents! The reopening of this common area is a shared responsibility. It is incumbent upon each resident to adhere to the policies outlined here, and to take steps to protect their health, which also helps safeguard their neighbors' well-being. Reports of residents failing to follow the attached policies will result in closing this outdoor space for use. 


  • Protecting Our Building Staff: Our dedicated staff continue to clean, make repairs, keep us safe, and provide a welcoming presence and wide range of assistance at the front desk.  For those in the Warehouse, we encourage you to wear masks whenever you are out of your room including in the building.  
  • Making Masks: We will be sending out a survey to the building in the coming days to gather the contact information of those residents who need masks.  We are hoping to provide materials for you to make your own mask and possibly hold a DIY ZOOM session for the same.   
  • On-campus COVID Testing and Impact of Results: You should have already received an e-mail re: the voluntary COVID testing that is taking place on campus.  If you didn’t receive the e-mail and are interested in being tested please let us know and we can assist you.  It is unclear how long the testing program will continue.  One point of clarification, if you were to test positive, please be aware that you will be allowed to self-isolate in your apartment at the Warehouse, assuming you do not have need of medical care.  Support services to assist with food, packages etc. will be arranged/provided. If your condition is such that you need ongoing medical care, but not hospitalization, there is a support residence on campus that will be staffed 24/7 by MIT Medical caregivers to which you would be moved.
  • Freezer:  We moved a freezer from the ground floor kitchen into the lobby so there are now (3) three freezers on the ground floor for your use.  Kindly review the rules re: their use which are located on the freezers as well as found on the Warehouse website here: https://wh.mit.edu/policies/lobby-freezer
  • TechMart:  Just a reminder that TechMart, an at cost grocery store, is located in Maseeh Hall (305 Memorial Drive Building W1).  They take all forms of payments( cash, tech cash credit cards).  They are open daily 9am to 3pm. 
  • Yoga mats:  We’ve bought materials to make our own yoga mats.  They will be available for free.  If you would like one please let us know and we can put your name on one and leave it for you in the ground floor lobby. 
  • Have Ideas?:   For those of you still on campus and living in Warehouse, if you have ideas of how we can virtually “gather” please let us know. 


  • Time-sensitive graduate housing changes and moving resources: Please read the most recent updates from Housing and Residential Services found here. All residents will have also received an email, which will include a link to the personal form you will need to complete by no later than noon on Sunday, March 22. We recommend reading the FAQ for current housing options. The three options listed at the top are less confusing than the flow chart sent previously, but contain the same information. Note, however, that Option 1 (remain on campus) should state that you need to indicate your intent to remain on campus in the personal form by noon on Sunday, March 22. It currently states you are not required to take any action - this information is outdated/incorrect. Any student who does not complete the form by this deadline will not be permitted to stay in MIT housing. 

  • We are truly concerned about the density of the Warehouse population.  The more we learn about the virus it becomes clear that de-densifying and social distancing are paramount to reduce the spread of the virus.  While your apartments have their own kitchens and bathrooms you still are living with about 100 other residents in our building. ​For those that are still in the Warehouse, we also want to highlight some of the policies that are now in place (based on the March 20 email):                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               
    • Potential for relocation: Housing will review settings where overall density remains elevated to determine whether residents who remain in the Warehouse will need to be relocated.  This could be relocated within Warehouse, or outside of Warehouse.

    • No social gatherings, including in your room, with anyone.

    • All common areas will be closed. For Warehouse this means: all gyms, kitchens, floor lounges, the atrium (furniture is going to be removed), lobby, and roof. 

    • Travel and subsequent self-quarantine: If you choose to stay but then leave for any length of time, you will be required to self-quarantine for two weeks upon your return. ​


  • Updated MIT Housing Policies: Significant changes continue occur and we strongly recommend that everyone read the updated policies available here.

  • The no visitor policy has been extended to include daytime visitors, in addition to the previous policy of no overnight visitors.  The specific policy now states that no daytime or overnight visitors are allowed.  The only exception is during the daytime for friends or family members who can be allowed access to the building to help you move off-campus.

  • Gatherings within residence halls consisting of more than four residence hall members have been temporarily suspended until further notice.

  • Large common areas are closed.  For Warehouse, this means the Colbert Room and the TV Room.  The major driver for this closure is to reduce the deeper cleaning needed which staff are doing in response to COVID-19.  

  • Similarly, our kitchen on the ground floor will also be closed, in particular because everyone has a kitchen in their apartment.

  • Seating will also be reduced in other areas around the building in accordance with social distancing of a minimum of 6 feet.

  • MIT strongly discourages any travel for personal reasons (MIT has already suspended all Institute-sponsored travel).  If you must travel, upon return to Warehouse, a self-quarantine period of two weeks is required in one’s room.  Further, all travel must be registered in the confidential MIT travel registry as described here.

​Also as described in the full announcement, "Failure to comply with the expectations above may therefore result in a referral to the Committee on Discipline. Interim disciplinary measures—including immediate removal from MIT housing — may also be taken to protect MIT and surrounding community members."

The Heads of House recognize these are significant changes and want to offer a virtual meeting for residents to ask questions and discuss concerns, to be held tonight (Wednesday, March 18) at 10pm. Please see the email sent to Warehouse residents for details on how to join the meeting. 


  • Ground Floor Freezers: All food items in the ground floor freezers that were not labeled or were beyond the two (2) month deadline were removed and are stored in a temporary freezer location.  Should you wish to collect the items that were removed, please contact us by Wednesday March 18 by 5pm and we can arrange their return to you.  Given the increased use of the freezers by all our residents the Warehouse RAs will be removing all non-labeled items and items beyond the two-month deadline on a more regular basis. We highly recommend you review the policies regarding the use of the ground floor freezer if you want to avoid your food being removed/disposed.

  • Guided Meditation Options:An online guided meditation classes with Madhu will be available to the entire MIT CommunityClasses will focus on meditation, but will also include breathing and yoga. Classes are free of charge. Please find additional information below.

    What: online guided meditation classes for the entire MIT community. Please feel free to forward this email to others.
    When: Wednesday, Friday and Sunday from 7pm to 7:30pm starting on March 18th and ending on April 19th.
    Zoom meeting: https://us04web.zoom.us/j/559968068

    Meeting ID: 559 968 068

    Acknowledgement: Thank you Madhukriti Srivastava for offering these classes!

    We hope that these classes are a source of stress-relief and community building.

  • Talk to our Warehouse MedLink: If any resident is feeling overwhelmed or stressed in their current situation, please know that Oceane our resident Warehouse MedLink available for a friendly chat and answer question regarding the various resources that are available.  To set up a phone call or online conversation with Oceane e-mail wh-medlink@mit.edu. MedLinks is a confidential resource. There is no need for anyone to struggle alone.


  • Boxes: We’ve had more boxes delivered and available for your use. Please feel free to grab a few more from the front desk area  if you need them.

  • Ground Floor Freezers: We’ve noticed the ground floor freezers are reaching capacity.   They won’t work properly if they are over-filled which risks all food being spoiled.  A few reminders regarding the ground floor freezer policy.  


    • All food must be labeled with your name, room number and date. There are labels at the front desk if you need them. 
    • Items that aren’t labeled will be removed without notice.
    • Items over two months old will be removed without notice.


    We plan to inspect the freezers tomorrow and any food items which do not meet these requirements will be removed.

  • Policy Reminder: We have been asked to share the following policy reminder with all of you from Housing and Residential Services, originally sent on March 12:


    "In an effort to promote the public health and safety of the entire residential community, overnight guests in the residence halls, including family and relatives, will not be permitted until further notice.


    Failure to comply with this policy may result in a referral to the Committee on Discipline and termination of your graduate housing license. Thank you in advance for your cooperation."


  • Warehouse Gym and Gym Annex Closed: Effective earlier today, both the Warehouse gym and the gym annex are closed until further notice.  We know how many of you enjoy the gyms in our building, but we have decided to close them until we have the time to better understand the issues and have a cleaning protocol of these areas to keep our residents safe.  This same action was also taken today at Ashdown, Sidney-Pacific, and Tang (possibly other grad houses too, but these are what we are aware of).  This difficult decision was also done in consultation with heads of house, house managers, and student officers for all of these buildings.
  • Extra Carts, More Boxes:   There are extra carts to help you move your belongings out of the Warehouse available at the front desk.  Boxes remain available for free at the front desk as well. 
  • Trash Pick Up: We know there is a lot going on right now, but please remember to follow the trash policies. There is no trash pickup after Friday morning for the rest of the weekend. Do not put your trash outside your door or in the hallways until Sunday evening.  If you need to dispose of your weekend trash,  please take it to the dumpster which is located at the southwest groundfloor exit of the building ie. the parking lot next to the Warehouse.
  • Ground Floor Common Freezers:   Both of the common freezers are getting quite full. If you are moving out, please remember to clean out your items from the ground floor freezers. If you are staying, please continue to remove your older items. 


  • Storage:  For those residents that are terminating their license, moving out, and storage help is needed, we can temporarily accommodate up to  two boxes in currently vacant Warehouse apartments. If you are interested in taking advantage of this storage option please contact Brian via email at bcward@mit.edu or speak to Angela at the front desk. 
  • Visitors and Room Reservations: As of the date of this writing, visitors are allowed to the Warehouse.  Unofficial guidance from Housing and DSL is that gatherings should not exceed 6 people and when held, kindly observe appropriate social distancing of 6 feet per person. Effective immediately, room reservations are not allowed. 
  • Events/Social Gatherings:  We have cancelled all Warehouse events through the end of the semester. 


  • Warehouse and all MIT dorms will no longer allow any overnight guests - not even for a single night. This will apply to guests who Heads of House or the House Manager have previously approved. No exceptions will be granted. 


The Warehouse is a residence for first year graduate students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). All of its 120 residents live in efficiency apartments with their own kitchen, living room, double bed, and bathroom.

The century-old building is located on the Northwest corner of the campus, minutes from the main academic buildings. It contains many facilities for residents including a gym, laundry, study room, and roof deck.