Updates and Important Policy Changes in Response to Covid-19 (Updated 5/11/21)

As part of MIT's response to Covid-19 (coronavirus) and in an effort to promote public health and safety of the entire residential community, some Warehouse policies have been temporarily changed. Residents will receive e-mail notification of these changes as they occur, and a log of the updates will be posted here as well as in our policies section (updated policies appear at the top of the page, with the original policies appearing below). Please do not hesitate to reach out to the Heads of HouseResidents Assistants, or Building Manager Brian Ward if you have any questions, concerns, or are in need of support. The front desk can be reached by phone at 617-253-6588. 

We recommend two resources for information about MIT COVID policies:

The following are some key policies which we want to highlight from the above:

  • Warehouse indoor common spaces, including gyms, are now open under some restrictions. Please see the Info for Residents page for more info!

  • Warehouse residents who are not in compliance with testing and/or daily health attestations will be restricted from the Warehouse and all other campus buildings, including W20 for meal pick-ups. A notification through COVID Pass will inform non-complying residents of the restriction. Residents will be able to enter the Warehouse lobby, but will not be permitted to go further into the residence until they are in compliance. If you are restricted from Warehouse after hours or on a weekend because of a missed testing requirement, you will be given temporary access to your residence hall room/apartment, but you will need to test in the morning of the next available testing date.

  • Please see the 'Guests in Approved Institute Housing' section of the Covid-19 Student Policies page for current information on having guests at Warehouse. Students in quarantine or isolation are not permitted visitors at any time.

  • The Warehouse roof deck is open!  The policies for using the roof deck are described here.

The Warehouse is a residence for first year graduate students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). All of its 120 residents live in efficiency apartments with their own kitchen, living room, double bed, and bathroom.

The century-old building is located on the Northwest corner of the campus, minutes from the main academic buildings. It contains many facilities for residents including a gym, laundry, study room, and roof deck.