Alcohol policy

  • It is permitted to serve alcohol inside apartments to individuals of legal drinking age.
  • However, if you wish to consume or serve alcohol in the public spaces of The Warehouse (e.g., the Colbert Room, TV Room, Media/Study Room, or the floor lounges), you must register the event, regardless of the event size. In addition, reservation of the event room is mandatory for events with more than 10 attendees, and optional for events with 10 attendees or fewer.
  • All group events in public spaces of The Warehouse, whether or not they involve alcohol, must start and end before the onset of the day’s Quiet Hours (10:00pm from Sunday to Thursday evenings, and 12:00pm on Friday and Saturday evenings).
  • It is against the law to serve alcohol in public areas without appropriate registration, or to serve alcohol to anyone under 21 years of age. Failure to comply with the policies and procedures outlined below will result in any of the various applicable fines levied to your Bursar’s account, a visit from the MIT Police, and any additional measures deemed appropriate by members of the MIT administration.

To plan and register an event where alcohol will be served, please follow the procedures outlined below.

Alcohol registration

Before the event:

For groups of 10 people or fewer:

  1. Submit the online WH Small Event Alcohol Form to register your event for alcohol. Print out the form’s submission acknowledgement (the page that reads: “Your response has been recorded.”)
  2. Bring the form submission acknowledgement to the front desk to show it to the staff member on duty. The front desk worker will let you check out the alcohol registration sign for that room, which can be held for up to 4 hours (the maximum permitted duration of your event), but not beyond the start of the day’s Quiet Hours.
  • Registration for small events of 10 people or fewer can be done immediately before the event, without a room reservation, but subject to last-minute room and alcohol sign availability.
  • Small-group event alcohol registration is limited to 1 group at a time in the TV Room, Media/Study Room, and floor lounges. It is limited to 2 groups at a time in the Colbert Room. If you haven’t formally reserved a room for your small-group event, it is recommended that you call the front desk (617-253-6588) in advance to check that your desired room is available.
  • Since the submission of the WH Small Event Alcohol Form does not guarantee that either a room or an alcohol sign will be available, you may also wish to reserve a room for small-group events.  To reserve a room and register an event for alcohol, see the procedures below for groups greater than 10 people, and view the room reservation policy for more detailed information on event room reservation.

For groups greater than 10 people:

Groups larger than 10 may only serve alcohol in the TV room (up to 15 people), the Media room (up to 20 people), or the Colbert Room (up to 50 people). The procedure to register is as follows:

  1. At least 5 days in advance: Reserve the room where you will host your event by filling out the room reservation form. Be sure to indicate your desire to serve alcohol. (For more information on room reservation, please see the room reservation policy.) When the reservation has been processed and approved by the Building RA, your event will be listed on the dorm calendar and will be marked "Alcohol Approval Pending".
  2. At least 5 days in advance: Register the event by going to > “Event Planning” (lefthand panel) > “Register Event” (top panel). Fill out the “Register an Event” form completely and submit it.
  3. The Student Activities Office in the Student Center will review your event request. Approval may take up to 5 business days.
  4. When alcohol registration has been approved, please email so that your calendar listing can be updated with the "Approved for Alcohol" status. Check the calendar on The Warehouse’s website to ensure the “Approved for Alcohol” status posted correctly; until this occurs, alcohol may not be served or consumed at any event with more than 10 guests.

During the event:

  1. For events of 10 people or fewer: right before your event, display the alcohol registration sign prominently on the table in your event room. For events greater than 10 people: right before your event, print out and post the completed and approved Event Registration form on the door of your event room.
  2. The event host must stay sober and present at the event for its entire duration.
  3. There is a three-drink limit for all guests.
  4. Kegs and drinking games are strictly prohibited. This is a zero tolerance policy, violation of which will result in suspension of room reservation and alcohol privileges, a minimum $100 fine, and disciplinary action in accordance with MIT policy.
  5. Hosts and guests are prohibited from using or meddling with the sound system equipment in the Colbert Room. Violation of this policy will result in a fine of at least $10.
  6. Even though events are to begin and end before the start of Quiet Hours, please respect the needs of nearby residents by ensuring noise from your event does not exceed reasonable levels.
  7. You are responsible for the conduct of your guests, and will be personally liable for any damage or theft caused by you any of your guests during the event. In the event of damages to or theft of furniture, equipment, or other features of the room, your bursar’s account will be billed for the full cost of repair or replacement.

After the event:

  1. Your event must conclude no later than 4 hours after its start time, and before the start of Quiet Hours. For events of 10 people or fewer: at the conclusion of your event, please return the alcohol registration sign to the front desk. Your bursar’s account will be fined $25 for late returns. For events greater than 10 people: remove the Event Registration form from the door of your event room.
  2. Return furniture to original positions.
  3. Clean the event room:
    1. Dispose of unused food, drinks, bottles, and containers in garbage and recycling bins.
    2. If your event is on a Friday or Saturday, you must empty the garbage bins by taking all garbage bags to the dumpster at the back of the building.
    3. Wipe the tables clean (you may ask the front desk worker for a kit for this purpose).
    4. Pick up any food debris or garbage from the floor.
    5. NOTE: Failure to properly clean the room will result in a fine of at least $10, and up to the total cost of any required cleaning, repair, or replacement, levied through the Bursar’s office.