Warehouse MedLink

MedLinks is a residentially based peer health advocacy program that supports the physical and mental health of students in their residences along with the wider MIT community. MIT MedLinks is supported by Community Wellness at MIT Medical. 

What can a MedLink do for you? 

  • Supply over-the-counter medications
  • Provide basic first-aid supplies
  • Give information on MIT medical and mental health
  • Offer a friendly ear to listen and offer support
  • Organize health and wellness events

Our MedLink at the Warehouse is Océane Marescal. Océane is a third year PhD student in the Department of Biology. She did her undergraduate studies at McGill in Montréal and before coming to MIT spent a year doing research in Madrid. She enjoys playing the violin, going on early-morning runs, and reading in bed. Océane joined MIT MedLinks to promote health and wellness within graduate residences.

You can reach Océane by emailing wh-medlink@mit.edu or knocking on her door - she is located in room 132.