Warehouse RAs 2021-2022

Resident assistants (RAs) work alongside the Heads of House to build community among the first-year residents and to aid in ensuring the smooth functioning of the building as a living environment and student space. For more information about RAs and how to join, see Join the RA Team.

Email the RAs at wh-ras@mit.edu.

President: Soohyun Lim

Soohyun is a PhD student in the Department of Chemistry, whose research focuses on main group catalysis. She was born and grew up in South Korea, where she received her undergraduate degree from Seoul National University. She is not entirely new to the Boston area, however, as she also has a master’s degree from Harvard University and work experience at the hub of biopharmaceutical industry in Kendall Square. Outside the lab, Soohyun enjoys strolling around the city, travelling, watching soccer, and exploring craft beers. She also is a compulsive walker and truly believes that Boston provides her with an almost ideal environment for her lifestyle.




Secretary: Cameron Krulewski

Cameron is a PhD student in the Mathematics Department. She is interested in algebraic topology, noncommutative geometry, and quantum field theory. She is from Pennsylvania, did her undergrad at Harvard University, and spent one year at the University of Cambridge in the UK before coming to MIT. Even after living in Boston for several years she is still exploring! Aside from research, she loves practicing archery, running, and going to rock concerts.





Welcoming and Wellness Co-Chair: Changhwan Oh

Changhwan is a PhD student in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, particularly interested in computational simulations of materials. He grew up in South Korea and received his BS from Seoul National University. There is a high chance of finding Changhwan in the Colbert room playing the piano in his free time. He also enjoys listening to music (mostly classic or jazz) and walking around the Boston area.





Welcoming and Wellness Co-Chair: Serin Lee

Serin is a PhD student in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, where she studies liquid phase in-situ electron microscopy. She is from South Korea, and she received her undergraduate degree from KAIST(Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology). Serin enjoys walking around the city and finding new restaurants. She is looking forward to making her own “Boston-Cambridge neighborhood restaurant guide” someday.





Treasurer: Eunsoo Cho

Eunsoo is a PhD student in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering. She is interested in magnetic materials, especially thin films. Before coming to MIT, she received a BS in Materials Science and Engineering at Seoul National University. Outside the lab, she enjoys ballet, walking, and cooking. She also likes to explore grocery stores.





Building RA: Alvaro Sahagun

Alvaro is a PhD student in the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department. He is interested in field emission, field ionization, thin films, and nanofabrication. Before coming to MIT, Alvaro received his BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois, Chicago. Outside of lab, he enjoys running, cooking, baking, and binge watching The Simpsons.





Building RA: Francis Reilly-Andujar

Francis is a PhD student in the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences, where he studies the physiology of synaptic plasticity and how experience and pharmacological manipulations may affect these processes. Francis is from San Juan, Puerto Rico and attended the University of Puerto Rico - Rio Piedras where he received a Bachelor of Science in Cellular and Molecular Biology. In his free time, Francis enjoys going on bike rides, playing baseball/softball (when it's not cold), playing guitar and talking about anything that is related to aviation.




Lori and Steven Lerman Arts Co-Chair*: Gyutae (Jack) Park

Gyutae is a Master's Degree student in the Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering, where he studies nuclear thermal propulsion. Gyutae is from Korea, where he recently finished his military service. In his free time, Gyutae enjoys travelling, discovering new restaurants and gaming.





Lori and Steven Lerman Arts Co-Chair*: Océane Marescal

Océane is a third year PhD student in the Department of Biology. She did her undergraduate studies at McGill in Montréal and before coming to MIT spent a year doing research in Madrid. She enjoys playing the violin, going on early-morning runs, and reading in bed.



*This RA position was created to honor the contributions and legacy of founding Warehouse Housemasters Lori and Steven Lerman who lived at the Warehouse from 2000 to 2010. One of Lori's many contributions to the Warehouse community was a music program to which she dedicated her talents and resources. Lori and Steve now live in Monterey, California, where Steve is Provost and Academic Dean at the Naval Postgraduate School.

Webmaster and Technology Officer: Justin Chen

Justin is a second year PhD student in the EECS department studying problems at the intersection of algorithms, data analysis, and machine learning. He grew up a couple hours north of Boston in Hanover, New Hampshire and was an undergrad at Stanford before coming to MIT. He loves going for walks and hikes around the area and spends his free time reading and listening to music.





Kindness and Outreach RA: Melanie Halim

Melanie is a PhD student in the department of Chemistry. She was born in Indonesia but grew up mainly in England and Hong Kong. Outside the lab Melanie enjoys drawing, yoga, baking and being surrounded by nature.







Community Chair: Simar Kaur Mattewal

Simar is a PhD student in the Department of Chemical Engineering working on electrochemical synthesis of ammonia. She is originally from India and loves to go for long walks, specially along the river, with her camera ready to capture all colors of nature. She also enjoys exploring new brunch places and taking guided tours of historical sites and on quieter days enjoying the company of a book.





Sports RA: Vivienne Zhang

Vivienne is a second-year Master’s student pursuing a dual degree in Technology & Policy and Electrical Engineering & Computer Science. She is originally from western China (hometown of the pandas!), by way of Singapore, east coast, and California. She has a background in environmental economics and is doing research on applying machine learning to help adopt renewable energy. In her spare time, she likes to read, swim, and play squash. Her dream RA position is the caretaker of the (imaginary/aspiring) Warehouse Cat. Since the position doesn’t exist, she is the Sports RA and is excited to organize sports events for the Warehouse community.