Guest policy

A guest is someone (MIT or non-MIT affiliated) who does not live in Warehouse.

Guests (Temporary Covid-19 Policy as of 04/15/21)

Warehouse residents are permitted to have guests in accordance with the following special policies in response to the current Covid-19 situation (see for more details):
  • All guests must be on the resident's guest list. Each resident can have two people on their guest list. To register a guest, fill out this form.
  • All guests must be MIT graduate students or postdocs who are residents living in Institute-approved housing, or be graduate students, postdocs, or staff who reside off-campus and who are in Covid Pass and have been granted access to campus buildings.
  • To be eligible to be included on a resident’s guest list, guests must be in full-compliance with MIT Covid health and testing policies.
  • Residents may amend their guest list once every three days but must wait one week to establish a new list of two guests. To change your guest list, fill out this form.

Daytime Guests

Residents may have daytime guests on their guest list visit between 9:00am and 11:00pm.

Overnight Guests

Overnight guests are permitted if they are listed on a resident’s guest list. In accordance with standard MIT residential policies, residents may not have overnight guests for more than three nights in a seven-day period.

Guest Check-in

Upon arrival, guests must immediately visit the house desk to:

  • Show the desk staff their COVID-Pass status indicating compliance with all requirements;
  • Sign-in, including name, phone, arrival time, and anticipated departure time;
  • Be met by the resident host at the desk and escorted to their destination;
  • Be escorted to the desk and main exit by the resident host to sign-out before departure; and
  • Sign-out upon departure.

Standard (pre-Covid-19) Information Below


You are permitted to have guests in the common areas of the residence hall and your Warehouse apartment, under the following conditions:

  • All guests must sign in at the front desk.
  • No guest will be allowed access beyond the lobby unless they are accompanied by a Warehouse resident.
  • When hosting an event in a Warehouse communal space, a resident may leave a guest list at the front desk, listing their name and phone number as well as the names of those attending the event. When guests arrive they must check-in at the front desk and, assuming they are on the guest list, they will be escorted to the area the event will be held by front desk staff.  A separate guest list must be left for each event, even if the event will occur more than once.

Residents are responsible for the behavior of their guests and will be billed for any damage caused by them during their stay.

Overnight and Extended Stay Guests

  • The Warehouse is a single occupancy facility. Although we do allow overnight guests according to the policy outlined below, the heads of house may at any time decide to limit the number of overnight guests or the number of nights per visit for any resident.
  • You may not have overnight guests for more than three (3) nights in any given week without permission from the Heads of House or Building Manager (see below for more information).
  • Guests may not stay overnight in a Warehouse apartment unless the resident is present. Violation of this rule constitutes subletting, which is expressly forbidden and which may result in the termination of the resident's license agreement.
  • A resident is required to obtain the permission of the Heads of House or Building Manager anytime the guest stay is longer than three  (3) days.  Permission must be requested by sending an email to the Heads of House OR the building manager more than 48 hours in advance of the first night of the stay.  Requests can be made for a maximum of seven (7) additional days.
  • During the time that an extended stay has been granted, that guest will, after presenting their identification to the front desk, be escorted to the door that leads to the Warehouse apartments.  However, Warehouse staff will not provide entry to the resident’s actual apartment (i.e. by unlocking the resident’s apartment door).