Reporting problems

Lock Outs

Residents who lock their key in their room may check out a replacement key at the front desk. This key may only be given to the resident of the room for which the key is requested, and it must be returned immediately. For keys returned late, the resident will be charged a fee of $30 to their bursars' account. (Keys not returned within one week will be assumed to be lost, and the lock will be changed.)

If you are locked out of your room and no spare key is available or there is nobody at the front desk, please call 617-253-1500 and ask for Housing Unit 12.

Problems with your Room or the Building

For problems requiring immediate attention:  At any time of the day (including weekends/holiday), please call Facilities at 617-253-1500.

For problems not requiring immediate attention:  We strongly recommend creating a service request by using the repair form at (Type of Location: Residence and Building Number: NW30 - 224 Albany St.) to report a problem. This allows better tracking of re-occurring and systemic issues.  NOTE: by completing this form you authorize maintenance and/or facilities staff to enter your room until the service request has been closed. 

Problems with the Wireless Internet

If you ever encounter problem with connecting the wireless internet, please file a help request at the MIT IS&T residential computing webpage. Such feedback is important for MIT to provide a better internet service.

Problems with Pests

Please help keep the building pest-free by storing all food in either a refrigerator, cabinet or hard plastic box and clean up all food mess immediately regardless of whether it is an organized event or your own room. If you see any pests of any kind, such as roaches, mice, bedbugs or ants, please submit an Atlas pest control request here and email Brian Ward, the house manager, immediately so it is possible to do something before the problem spreads.

Problems with Noise

If you have a problem with noise, either internal or external to Warehouse, please see the Warehouse quiet hours policy.

Problems with Laundry

To report a problem with the laundry facility on the ground floor, please visit the Washlava websiteYou may also call 877-214-4422; live support is available from 9 am – 9 pm