Front desk (desk captain): Angela Bowen

Angela is originally from Butte, Montana. Her hobbies include sewing, arts and crafts, and playing the Doumbek (a small, middle-eastern drum).

Angela recommends residents try the hop-on, hop-off trolley tour.It meanders through town in a relaxing way to see the sights. One stop is at Kendall Square, but you can get on and off at multiple other stops throughout the city. The Boston Duck Tour is also a nice way to see the sights.

Front desk (weekends): Marsha Herring

Marsha has lived in Boston for 17 years. As a child, she lived in all sorts of interesting locations due to her father's job as a Marine. The last place she grew up was in Georgia, so she refers to that place as her home. Her parents now reside in Kansas. Marsha doesn't enjoy hot weather very much, but likes the cooler seasons that Boston offers.

Marsha enjoys iced tea (not coffee!). She often makes her own tea by leaving it in the sun. She enjoys all kinds of iced tea (fruit, green, etc), but her favorite kind is the original black type. If you ever visit Marsha's house, you will find lots of iced tea there!! Marsha also enjoys milk chocolate, but she has to be in the mood for it.

Marsha recommends that residents of the Warehouse enjoy the location of the building in proximity to the Charles River. Marsha on occasion takes a nice, leisurely walk along the river and also enjoys roller skating there. Marsha also recommends visiting Faneuil Hall and if possible, visiting her home city of Newton. In Newton, which is only 15 minutes away by car, one can go swimming in Crystal Lake on a beautiful day.

House Operations Manager: Brian Ward

Brian grew up in the City of Boston, went to high school in the North End of Boston and college at the University of Massachusetts.  He currently lives in Weymouth, with his wife, three sons and black lab/black boxer mix "Harley".  

Brian spent many years playing and coaching baseball and hockey in high school & college. He worked for the City of Boston for 8 years as Quality Control Manager and designed the City's current Park's Inspection Program.  Brian has been an Operations Manager at MIT for 7 years and also is the Manager of Sidney-Pacific graduate dorm.

Brian enjoys biking, fishing & golf with family & friends and also runs a window cleaning business on the weekends.

Brian recommends residents enjoy the Charles River, Boston’s Faneuil Hall and the area along the ocean’s waterfront.  Also try to take in a Red Sox game at America's favorite, Fenway Park!

Maintenance Mechanic: Danielle Lauria

Danielle was born and raised in Halifax, MA, but now lives in Weymouth, MA (South Shore). She is 34 and has a son named Gage, as well as two dogs, Jemma and Brutus, which she calls her fur children. 

Danielle is a gear head and loves all things cars and bikes - she rides a 2003 Honda CBR 600. She also works with local animal rescues to help place dogs and cats in loving new homes. Besides that, she enjoys family time, relaxing by the pool, and fishing.

She highly recommends checking out Bovas in the North End, which is open 24/7 and has "the BEST desserts and rice balls."