Advisory Board 2018-2019

Advisory Board 2018-2019

Members of the Advisory Board assist the RA team and Heads of House with their previous knowledge whenever possible. This might include sharing insights on previously adopted policies, report experiences with past events, or reach out to contacts in the greater MIT community. Members of the Advisory Board assist with coordinating events whenever the current RA team is experiencing a shortage of people to maintain the planned schedule.  For more information about ABs, see the Resident Assistant FAQ.

Yongjin Park

Yongjin is a Ph.D. student in the Biological Engineering department at MIT. He is from Seoul and Daejeon in South Korea and came to US for grad school. He majored Chemical Engineering and Biology at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) and misled to MIT to pursue another five years of research. He is interested in playing music, biking, drinking (..!!) and synthetic biology (...?).

Claudia Pérez

Claudia is a EECS PhD student working at CSAIL in the AI & Robotics areas. Her alma mater is the Simon Bolivar University (Caracas, Venezuela), where she studied Electronics Engineering, a Masters in Mechatronics, and served as Assistant Professor. She truly enjoys listening to music, buying more books than can read, and travelling to observe different cultures and attempt to do photography.

Ivo Rosa Montenegro

Ivo is a PhD candidate in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. His specialization is in Geotechnical Engineering, with a focus on numerical modeling and reinforced earth structures. Born and raised in Brasilia, Brazil, he did his undergrad at the University of Brasilia. After graduating, he worked in the energy sector, designing dams for many places around the world. During his spare time, Ivo enjoys practicing sports (soccer and tennis are his favorite), hanging out with friends and traveling.

Samantha Dale Strasser

Samantha was born only days preceding a blizzard in Wausau, Wisconsin – possibly explaining her bias for the snowy months of New England weather. Before coming to MIT, she studied Biomedical Engineering and Applied Mathematics at Northwestern University, Evanston, IL and Physics at the University of Cambridge, UK. Here at MIT she is a PhD student in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science studying within Doug Lauffenburger's Research Group in Biological Engineering. Her research explores the development and application of quantitative techniques utilized in electrical engineering and computer science to questions in systems biology.

She can be found appreciating and creating art in a variety of places – from playing piano, cooking during Warehouse events, to enjoying a performance at the Hatch Shell. If you have questions regarding performances in the area, restaurants, or local museums please get in touch!

Sami Khan

Sami is a Ph.D. candidate in Mechanical Engineering at MIT. If he is not globe-trotting in some corner of the world, you will find him playing tennis at the Dupont courts or sailing on the Charles River.

Caroline Murphy

Caroline Murphy is a third-year PhD student in the History, Theory and Criticism of Architecture and Art program, where she studies the cultural history of environmental planning and infrastructure in Renaissance Italy. She also maintains a research interest in the polemical historiography of the European religious reformations. She is from Toronto, Canada, but has lived at the Warehouse since September 2014, when she began her master’s degree at MIT. Before advancing to the Advisory Board, she served as the RA President (2017–18) and Arts RA (2015–17). Caroline enjoys running, playing soccer, and singing with the MIT grad choir, as well as cooking, reading, and traveling.